Services: Branding, Campaign Creative, Product Design/Development, Storytelling/Copy, Film Direction, Social Media Management, Paid Marketing


In 2021 I launched my brand Glacier Creek to the world through our first multi-faceted campaign & product collection: The Surroundings Collection. We created a short adventure film “Surroundings” that coexisted alongside our collection of travel belongings.

I had many hats on this project; more than usual. I came up with the original brand creative, campaign creative, directed the film, created the social media video series, designed every product, developed & created patterns for each product, wrote the campaign/marketing/product copy, lead paid marketing initiatives, and managed the social media account.

We’re now onto our third collection & campaign, Vestige, that will drop at the end of 2022.

Services: Branding, Creative, Film Direction, Cinematography, Video Editing, Project Management, Client Relations, Public Relations


In 2011 I launched my production company Afterhours Creative in Burlington, Vermont. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve had the privilege to work on an insane variety of video, film, commercial, and social projects with a diverse roster of brands & individuals. Throughout my work with Afterhours, we’ve won various awards, premiered internationally, and have had a hell of a time.